"The solid soft lead bullet is undoubtably the best and most satisfactory expanding bullet that has ever been designed." -John Taylor "African Rifles and Cartridges"


A Review of March 8-80×56 Rifle Scope

Check out the March series of scopes.


This review was first written by me at the end of 2012 and posted to a Canadian website.  I’ve added an edit or two to reflect more recent experiences.  Enjoy the read.

I’d long been intrigued by the much vaunted but quite elusive March line of riflescopes but what did I really know about these apparently very high end scopes? I understood that the made-in-Japan scopes were very popular in Europe, especially so amongst the UK’s F-Class and TR shooters, that their variables offered up to a ten-times power range and that one of their models had an amazingly high 80 power magnification – that’s more than many, if not all, spotting scopes, I also knew that they were expensive and that there were some rumblings about the warranty coverage and, at least here in Canada, that appeared to be a big concern especially as March was new to Canada…

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1000 Yard 8mm Shots

Though I am not a fan of the music in the video, this guy is getting it done with a 6x Ajak scope!


1000 yard 8mm shots

Here is a “Must Read” article from Creighton Audette, Gunsmith

My Yugoslavian M48 Mauser with ATI Mount and Mil Dot scope

My Yugoslavian M48 Mauser with ATI Mount and Mil Dot scope

Three reasons you need to read this:

1. The “Ladder Test” for load development is “spot on” in my opinion.

2. The last few paragraphs on the subject of “cant” at long range.

3. To better understand “Barrel Harmonics”.



The Eight Functions of a Bolt Action Mauser Rifle

When gunsmithing our Mauser Rifles it is important to understand the varied functions and operation of a bolt-action 98K rifle. This is especially important if you desire to do any trigger work, lug lapping, etc. So I offer up this great video by Larry Potterfield of Midway USA – enjoy!

Great Cast Bullet Article

I found this great article by CE Harris on Cast Bullet reloading for Military Rifles. Covers many calibers but has specific reference to 8mm Mauser Cast Bullets and everything from small game to Deer loads as well as 100-600 yard target loads.

Lyman 323378 Mold Update

Drawing of the Ideal/Lyman 323378.

Well, I am still trying to get this mold for my collection. But until then I have found another source for these 8mm cast bullets – The Western Bullet Company. $20.00 a hundred is pretty cheap too. Check them out here:


.308 Mauser Barrels

You have got to check this man out! He has Mauser gunsmithing down to a science and he is an FFL so you can send him your rifle direct. He can accurize any 98K Mauser to original accuracy standards.


Midsouth Shooters Supply

Another great resource for 8mm Bullets: 150 grain – 200 grain 8mm Bullets for sale at Midsouth Shooters Supply.

This is not an affiliate...we offer what we find as a resource for 8mm Mauser Loaders Just Click here to access their 8mm Bullets.

My Oberndorf .308 Israeli Mauser

Some pic’s for you – enjoy!


Graf and Sons Excellent selection of 8mm Bullets

I get regular e-mail alerts from Graf and Sons. They have one of the BEST selection of 8mm Bullets anywhere. They also stock the Saeco 8mm molds. Just click the pic and check it out.


This is not an affiliate link! We make NO money from Graf and Sons. This is a resource for you.