The Rifle that started it all.

My Yugoslavian M48 Mauser with ATI Mount and Mil Dot scope

In 2009 my wife and children bought me a mint Yugo m48 Mauser. I was not familiar with the 8mm and began to quickly learn three things:
1. This rifle kicks more than my ’06
2. The ammo costs more than my ’06
3. I like shooting it more than, well, my ’06 or any other rifle I own!
So I tried Hastings, Remington, Prvi Partisan, Yugo surplus, Federal ammunition and though I found the Remington, Federal and Prvi to be sub MOA accurate it was a real shoulder knocker and the accuracy was consistently at 1″-1.5″ which is great for hunting – but I wanted more!
So I visited my old friend Raleigh (He sold my wife the rifle) and he took me out shooting his ’06s for the afternoon – and what a blast we had! Raleigh reloaded cast bullets over 2400 alliant, about 16 grains of it and boy what fun! It was like plinking with a .22 and I was hooked!
So, I bought a Lee 324-174R and began by melting down some .4o caliber rounds I had and re-casting them. The casting process was slow and it took a few hundred rounds and many “You Tube” videos to learn the correct process, but when I shot my first 5 shot group of .383″ at 50 yards and .731 @ 100 yards I was hooked.I shoot 10 five shot strings at a time with no Bruising (literally, my first box of 8mm Yugoslavian surplus ammo left a massive bruise for weeks!) and that is a pleasant day at the range.
The 8mm Yugoslavian M48 Mauser is a great rifle. I have since added a 1939 Turkish 8mm Mauser and a Yugoslavian 24/47 8mm Mauser to the collection and the kids like to shoot the old “Army” guns and they have a great time as well.


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