MoJo Mauser Sighting System

My “Full-time job is as Exec. Director of a residential children’s Camp. As such, May thru September is, well, busy. I had not had a chance to shoot me Yugo Mauser, or anything else, for quite some time – I was having withdrawals!

Camp was quiet last Saturday after 250 people left. So I pulled out my Yugo 48 Mauser, grabbed some 175 grain reloads and headed to the rifle range. Our .22 rifle range HERE AT THE CAMP that is. I was shooting the 50 Meters with my new “MoJo” Mauser sights. Seems my eyes are not as good as they used to be and I need some help. With the MoJo sighting system I was able to keep 5 rounds at an inch. Mostly I found out that these sights work great, but my targets were some oval-shaped ‘Shoot-n-See” .22 paste ons that did not afford a good sight picture anyway as the filled the apertures and left no room for orientation. I will shoot some more soon as camp ends the 27th and we are off for vacation the 28th. Hopefully I can do better at a hundred yards with the CBA record fire targets.

Click here to visit MoJo 98 Mauser page.

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