Great Cast Bullet Article

I found this great article by CE Harris on Cast Bullet reloading for Military Rifles. Covers many calibers but has specific reference to 8mm Mauser Cast Bullets and everything from small game to Deer loads as well as 100-600 yard target loads.


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  1. Jim Moore says:

    I can vaporize a walnut at 50 yards with my Mauser shooting sellier belloit 196gr ammo. Handloaded 150gr speer bullets with 49gr IMR 4046 powder shoots all over the place. We have tried crimped and no crimp, we have varied bullet seating depth. We have varied charge. Any thoughts?
    Jim Moore

    1. Yes,
      Your trying to push the 150’s too fast from the 9.5 twist. I have found 45 grains of Varget or IMR 4064 gets me under 1″ @ a 100yds. Also, when was the last time you REALLY cleaned out the bore of that old Mauser? Get you some good solvent, Butch’s Bore Shine or Shooters Choice. Plug the end of the barrel, fill to the chamber with solvent and let sit for 20 minutes or so. You will not believe the trash that comes out. Then start lower on your 4064 and work up slowly. Of course all Mauser like heavier bullets – but the 150 Sierra SP over 45 grains of Varget gets the job done nicely on whitetails too.

      1. Jim Moore says:

        I will try your recommendations.
        Jim Moore

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