Ballistics Tables and Charts for the 8mm

Click here for Remington Ballistics Table
Remington 8mm Ammo is prevalent. I like Remington Brass for my Military Handloads because of its soft Brass. I can turn twenty rounds into 200 when using reduced loads.
Great Ballistics Calculator. Compare several cartridges at once to the 8mm.
 Winchester is great ammo, always has been. My Yugo 8mm does not like it, but, still good ammo.
Federal Ballistics Comparison for 8mm
 Federal 8mm works great in my Mauser. Brass is great too for reloading. A bit pricier than Remington ammo but worth it.

My favorite ammo for the Yugo 48 Mauser is Prvi Partisan. Brass is hard and good for reloading full-house loads – not good for reduced loads as it allows for blowback when reduced pressures do not allow the brass to “Seal” in the chamber. Prvi Partisan 8mm Mauser ammo is “Sub MOA” in my Yugo – consistently! Click the picture for the Prvi Partisan Ballistics chart. Their numbers are in metric.
Beartooth Bullets Ballisticians Page is the best I know for handloading Ballistics.
 Take any round from above or any round combo you want to load and input the data into the Bear Tooth Calculator and you will have your Ballistics Info. Great site and great calculator for the Handloader.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. fred says:

    i found 1971 fnm 8mm ammo for $35 a box of 90 rounds. it shoots amazing. did i pay too much?

    1. No, not at all, I can get 15 rounds for $8 and it is 1950’s Yugo ammo here in town. So 90 rounds would be $48 and it shoots “OK”. By amazing, what do you mean?

  2. bignewfdog says:

    I concur with your opinion of PPU – sub-MOA with my Gew98 as well. Haven’t played too much with hand loads as yet. I tried some 150gr spires, but i feel like they have quite a bit of spin drift compared to the 196’s. I started shooting several inches high and to the right with the 150gr’s. My thoughts are to use a 196gr HPBT for target, then just stick with the PPU’s SP 196gr for hunting.

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