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My Yugoslavian M48 Mauser with ATI mount and 3x-16x Mil Dot.

In 2009 my wife and children bought me a mint Yugo m48 Mauser. I was not familiar with the 8mm and began to quickly learn three things:
1. This rifle kicks more than my ’06
2. The ammo costs more than my ’06
3. I like shooting it more than, well, my ’06 or any other rifle I own!
So I tried Hastings, Remington, Prvi Partisan, Yugo surplus, and Federal ammunition; and though I found the Remington, Federal and Prvi to be MOA accurate it was a real shoulder knocker and the accuracy was consistently at 1″-1.5″ which is great for hunting – but I wanted more!

I visited my old friend Raleigh (He sold my wife the rifle) and he took me out shooting his ’06s for the afternoon – and what a blast we had! Raleigh reloaded cast bullets over 2400 alliant, about 16 grains of it and boy what fun! It was like plinking with a .22 and I was hooked!

So, I bought a Lee 324-174R and began by melting down some .4o caliber rounds I had and re-casting them. The casting process was slow and it took a few hundred rounds and many “You Tube” videos to learn the correct process, but when I shot my first 5 shot group of .383″ at 50 yards and .731 @ 100 yards I was hooked.I shoot 10 five shot strings at a time with no bruising (literally, my first box of 8mm Yugoslavian surplus ammo left a massive bruise for weeks!) and that is a pleasant day at the range.

It was such an enjoyable afternoon shooting that I have decided to create this site where other 8mm Mauser lovers can find the cast bullets they need and enjoy this wonderful rifle without breaking the bank or their bidies in the process.
The 8mm Yugoslavian M48 Mauser is a great rifle. I have since added a 1939 Turkish 8mm Mauser and a Yugoslavian 24/47 8mm Mauser to the collection and the kids like to shoot the old “Army” guns and they have a great time as well soon.

Thanks for dropping by,

The Vintage Sportsman


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  1. attheready says:

    Hi! Noticed your ATI scope mount. What did you think about it? Would you recommend it for an inexpensive alternative to drilling and tapping?

    1. Yes, I absolutely recommend it. I have used that mount for three years. Not the prettiest, but not the ugliest either. Never had it come loose or cause any problems with my zero. Helps to raise the scope height so I can use the arc bolt on my yugo without replacing it. I just took it off nso I could shoot with my MOJO sites for awhile – then I will put it back on. I have two ATI mounts: one is the rear mount and I have a scout mount too. The scout mount works just as well as the receiver mount. Thanks for stopping bye

  2. Taylor says:

    What all did you have to modify on the gun other than the rear hand guard?

    1. I had to do a limited amount of relief work in the bottom of the stock to accomodate the mount. Are you thinking of buying the Mauser ATI mount?

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