Accurate Cast Bullets

Excellent Article on Bullet Hardness from ""Accurate Cast bullets for the 8mm Mauser begin with lead, lead, lead! Every manufacturer has their preferences for cast lead Mauser bullets. 22bhn, 24bhn, linotype, to gas check or not to gas check, the conversations are endless.When casting and loading for the 8mm Mauser remember this - you are not the first to cast bullets for your Mauser! Research, buy books, out of date copies of the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook can be had for a few shekels these days and are filled with excellent information.A Norm John son article on Bullet hardness.

This article by Norm Johnson  is a great discussion of “Hard Bullet” composition and the dangers of Zinc contamination. Norm discusses, Linotype and Tin amounts for accurate and safe cast bullets.